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Halloween - Over My Head Jamie/Laurie Strode

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Hugh Laurie & Jamie Cullum perform "Hallelujah, I Love Her So" - Children in Need Rocks - BBC

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Happy late birthday Danielle and me ;-) hope people like it.

Laurie and Jamie - Nobody's Perfect

Jamie and Laurie music vid no real story to this hope u like it please comment. thanks :)

Laurie, Jamie, and Michael--Bad Romance

[EDIT]: How is this one of my most popular videos? I made it a year ago, and it SUCKS. God. Go watch my newer vids that are ...

Jamie x Laurie x Michael || See You Again {Stevie's Request}

Again I am terribly sorry for the wait, I hope you like this video! xoxo.

MV_ Michael & Laurie ~Hurricane~

A music video with Michael and Laurie this time (Jamie appears a couple of times same as Doctor Loomis XP) , from the amazing ...

♥ Jamie and Laurie - Who knew ♥

A mother daugher video to the song who knew hope u like it plz comment thanks.

Jamie & Laurie (Uncut: Aliens)

The full interview from California On Aliens. WATCH THE ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE: ...

♥♥♥ Laurie and Jamie - My Immortal ♥♥♥

Is music video is about how Jamie and Laurie is each other very much the black and white parts are of dreams or past hope you ...

Duck Duck Dupe Theme Song by Jamie Laurie

We tell 3 stories. 2 of them are true. 1 is nothing but a makey-uppy dupe. You decide which is which. Comedy for All Ages at ...

Jamie x Laurie {RZH} || Hammer's Coming Down {For Kylie}

I'm so sorry you had to wait this long, I hope you like the end result! xoxo.

Jamie x Laurie || Mutter

I'm back, now for good. No, won't take requests yet, discovering my new software a bit, taking it all slow, and requests feel like a ...

2017 JASC Gala "Dan Dan Yoku Naru" by Jamie Laurie

Japan America Society of Colorado is so grateful to Jamie Laurie - also known as Jonny5 from the band Flobots - for creating this ...


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