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(Eng sub) Aiba Masaki can't remember

episode date: 2018.08.09 please do not re-upload.

Aiba speaks English

A compilation of Arashi's Aiba Masaki speaking english. Arashi is a world renowned group from Japan! Checkout their official ...

Arashi : Aiba Masaki's blood type experiment Eng Sub

Watch Arashi Aiba Masaki do an experiment with kindergarten children. Watch their reaction based on their blood type.

相葉雅紀のキュンキュン~ところ Aiba Masaki no kyun kyun~ tokoro

Aiba is very well-known for his air-headed personality. But lately he also becoming to show his kakkoi side with his nice body ...

[Fanvid] Can't Hold Us - Aiba Masaki 31st Birthday!!

To celebrate Aiba's birthday we have made a fanvid of him :D And Merry Christmas~~ I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING It is created for ...


Sakuraiba kissing each other on their TV Program ~

Arashi : The TRUTH about Aiba-san 2009 New Year's Card (PLUS Sho-sama the Refreshing PRINCE)

This episode is about Becky exposing the truth about Aiba-san 2009 New Year's Card; and she also pointed out how Sho-san is a ...

It's my miracle 〜Masaki Aiba birthday movie〜

相葉くんの31th Birthday記念動画です。妄想注意。

Masaki Aiba - Gimme more! FMV edits

Masaki baby! So kawaii!! Fangirling.. Notice me Senpai. Fandom edits! DISCLAIMER

[嵐] 191107 아이바 마사키 트위터 / 相葉雅紀 / Masaki Aiba

Archiving - [嵐] 191107 아이바 마사키 트위터 / 相葉雅紀 ツイッター / Masaki Aiba Twitter.

Aiba Masaki

Aiba Masaki Da~~!!

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